Shout! Koinonia is a project and musical band of the Koinonia John the Baptist – Oasis of Biella, a community at the service of the New Evangelization within the Catholic Church.

We want to be the VOICE that SINGS and SHOUTS to bring Jesus and his Gospel to people, through music, our songs and video clips, social media, and events like record productions, concerts, testimonies, animation of the Sunday Mass, workshops, training seminars and other meetings.

Do you want to support the evangelization activities
of the Shout! Koinonia musical project?

Here is a list of the main activities of Shout! Koinonia:

  • Composition, production and mastering in home studio, as well as, in professional mastering studio of original praise and worship songs for prayer assemblies, with related scores and sheet music
  • Original weekly compositions of melodies for the Responsorial Psalms of each Sunday Mass, with downloadable videos and musical scores
  • Compositions of original songs for the Liturgical repertoire, including the Ordinary of the Latin mass (Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, and Agnus Dei), always for everyone’s use and download
  • Official music and lyric video clips of songs and presentations of our musical projects
  • Evangelization events-concerts with music, testimonies and prayer

In all these services, the expenses are numerous; we must cover the purchase and maintenance of IT and digital equipment, equipment for recording and for live concerts (microphones, musical instruments, amplification, mixer), studio recordings and mastering of each song/album in a professional studio, equipment and personel for recording of video clips (lights for illumination, tripods, digital cameras), equipment and personel for photography and video used in social media, and not to mention travel expenses.

taking into account that our community lives on providence, that is, on the offerings and donations that are received.

You can support us by donating using a bank transfer to our IBAN::

Owner: Koinonia Giovanni Battista – Oasi di Biella
IBAN: IT07U0608505811000000006865

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We thank you for your precious support, knowing that the Lord will pour out abundant blessings into your life!

Best regards,
Father Luca Arzenton
(parish priest of Strona (BI), zonal vicar of Valle Strona in Piedmont, Italy and pastor of the Koinonia John the Baptist-Oasis of Biella)